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     Motivate, congratulate, celebrate and Appreciate! When you apply these basic concepts,  your company, your employees and your clients will benefit.  Through corporate gifts and gift baskets, you will find that....Appreciated people equal Appreciated Profits.

Over the years, Amy has created relationships with various professionals...As a result, from here forward, when you need to appreciate a client or associate, please choose from one of my preferred associates. They will continue to give you the quality service and consultation that you are used to. Be sure to them know that you found them through Amydoodles!

We're here to help you develop a comprehensive marketing plan. Our focus is on small and medium businesses. We identify their market and "get the word out" with the use of imprinted items like clothing, pens, calendars, banners, etc... We supply promotional products suited for tradeshow giveaways, customer appreciation gifts, employee recognition gifts, new product sales promos, and more. 



Express Yourself Gift Baskets

Show appreciation to those who contribute
to your success. Saying thanks is the #1
way to keep your employees loyal and
clients happy. As always, Express Yourself
Gift Baskets can design a "Company
Basket" to support the image you want to
convey--a look and feel that is uniquely
yours. Set your business apart from the
competition with unique appreciation gifts!

Amydoodles Press

Read about Amydoodles in the Needham, Ma Tab's October 18, 2001 newspaper

The July, 1999 issue of Gifts & Decorative Accessories continues to explore the web and the retail industry. Read how George Matyjewicz explains this.

Read the interview that George Matyjewicz had with Amy on line with the thousands of other E-Tailer readers.

Read what Entrepreneur Magazine had to say about Amydoodles.

Read the article written by George Matyjewicz in the February, 1998 issue of Gifts & Decorative Accessories Magazine and see how technology is being used in the retail trade!

A retail marketing expert recently used Amydoodles as a case study. George Matyjewicz described how I've grown my business over the past couple of years using this web site as a way to provide better information and service to a wider range of customers. You can read a summary of the presentation that George presented to the Dallas Gift Show in January, 1998.

I'm proud to work at home so I can be with my kids...read about it in my local newspaper, The Needham Tab... in May, 1997 and July, 1997... (the paper gave me permission to archive a copy of their paper on my site).

I've also been featured in a book about working at home, and one about using Microsoft FrontPage 97. Check out this page for information on these books, along with a few others.

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